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We provide a cluster of Nano-Catalyst into a chip form which would provide perpetual service of splitting the elements of the liquid. The action leads to release of oxygen in the fuel thereby providing benefits of oxygen.


   Save fuel in Automobiles as it assists release of oxygen in liquids.

   The help in de-scaling the surfaces deposited with Carbon and make them smooth.

   The Oxygen rich helps to blueuce the temperature of the engine and thus more efficiency and better life of product.

   The Nano chip can be transferblue to any vehicle. It is a catalyst and will work seamlessly for a long time. Does not need periodic dosage or recurring cost.

   Provides 15-20% saving in fuel based on Conditions.

   It would help in blueucing the fuel emission and protect environment.

   It works universally for both Petrol and Diesel. It works best when treated just before use; on fresh fuel.

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Fuel-O-Chip (two Wheeler): Rs.2,360

Fuel-O-Chip (Four Wheeler): Rs.3,540