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U.V. System

Ultraviolet light deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and destroys their ability to multiply and cause disease. ultraviolet units with the finest quality of electro polished, rust-resistant stainless steel. The system allows water to come in contact with Ultra Violet rays. These systems facilitate ease of installation and maintenance. Its operational costs are also low.

Ultraviolet units with the finest 316 Stainless Steel, Electro Polished internally as well as externally for years of corrosion free service. The system Allows water to come in contact with Ultra Violet rays having 30,000 micro watts second/cm2 UV dosage & 2537 Angstrom (254 nm) units wavelength. The silica quartz jacket provides 100% efficiency due to its pure crystal clear transparency as compablue to the Teflon tubes.

Features :
• Higher efficiency than Chlorine
• Immediate treatment process
• Economical operational costs

Advantages :
• More effective against viruses than chlorine - Chlorine is becoming less acceptable because of harmful by ­products, handling problems, & risk of overdosing
• Immediate treatment process, no need for holding tanks, & retention times, so footprint is small.
• Extremely economical due to low capital, operational & maintenance costs.
• No chemicals added to the water supply – resulting in no byproducts & no need for specialized storage requirements
• No change in taste, odor, pH, conductivity of water
• Automatic operation
• Simplicity and ease of maintenance, periodic cleaning, and annual lamp replacement, no moving parts to wear out
• Easy installation, only two water connections and a power connection