Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

For industrial companies using a boiler for its facility, some type of boiler feed water treatment system is usually necessary to ensure an efficient process and quality steam generation. The most appropriate boiler feed water treatment system will help the facility avoid costly plant downtime, expensive maintenance fees, and boiler failure as a result of scaling, corrosion, and fouling of the boiler and downstream equipment. To solve these problems we provide following chemicals for boiler water treatment.

  • Scale Preventive / Oxygen Scavanger (Powder)
  • Scale Preventive I Sludge Conditioner (Liquid)
  • Boiler Antiscalent ,Silica and Non -Silica purpose.
  • Sludge Conditioner I Iron Dispersant (Polymer Based)
  • pH Booster (Low/Medium Pressure) 
  • Multiptupose Feed Water Compound
  • Anti Foaming Compound
  • Anti Foaming Food Grade Application
  • Catalysed Oxygen Scavanger (Sulphite Based)
  • Catalysed Oxygen Scavanger (Hydrazine   Based)
  • Oxygens Scavanger (Carbohydrazide Based)
  • Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor (Amine Based)
  • Sludge Conditioner (For Sugar Mill)
  • AVT (All Volatile Treatment)
Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Chemicals

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) chemicals are playing a major role in the treatment of industrial effluent. It works in the primary treatment for coagulation and flocculation for remove total suspended solids and color from wastewater.  the most cost-effective technically proven system to remove unwanted, hazardous chemicals from the wastewater to meet the statutory pollution control requirements, especially for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, phosphate, and electroplating wastewater. Following chemicals we provide for the effluent treatment plant.

  • Polyelectrolyte (Cationic)
  • Polyelectrolyte (Anionic)
  • Polyelectrolyte (Non-ionic)
  • Heavy Metal Precipitation and cheleting agent.
  • Colour Removal Compound
  • COD/BOD Reducer
  • Sludge Dewatering Compound
Cooling Tower Treatment Chemicals

Cooling towers are used widely due to their optimal cooling technology for industrial processes and HVAC applications. For that application required huge quantity of water required as a makeup water. The recycle water contains high scale, biological fouling, deposition and corrosive compounds. It disturbs the cooling system. For that following water treatment chemicals are used.

  • Scale cum Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Polymeric Biodispersant
  • Biodispersant (Oil I Grease Fouling)
  • Corrosion Inhibitor – CH
  • Microbiocide – Non Oxidizing
  • pH and Alkalinity Stabiliser
  • Iron I Silica Dispersant
  • Iron Dispersant

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