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With over ten years of expertise in the water and wastewater industries, our professionals have gained advanced knowledge of process treatment chemicals and their applications. We at Jalamrut have formed our new vertical 'Pulp & Paper' to grow in the future of this business and embrace sustainability through our services by adopting new technology. We offer various chemicals needed in the Pulp & Paper industry like Defoamers, Deinking agents, Retention Aid / Drainage Aid, Slime Control, Surface Sizing, etc. Jalamrut supplies a wide variety of Pulp & Paper specialty chemicals utilized in several industrial applications. A large number of clients have expressed interest and provided positive feedback on chemical usage.
About Us

JALAMRUT is based in Maharashtra. This dynamic and innovative company specialize in providing solutions to pulp & paper and water & waste water industries.

We deal in specialty chemicals with the mission of providing innovative solutions and the vision of serving clients across the globe.

JALAMRUT works closely with its customers to understand their requirements and to ensure that the customer receives a solution that will perform the functionality that customer requires.

Our Experience

We are team of highly enthusiastic, energetic and expertise in the Domestic and International markets.

The Promoters of JALAMRUT have over 3 decades of hands-on experience is not just successfully managing one of the growing company but also achieving a annual growth year after year with group companies.

The strength of our company lies in rich experience of its people who have vast experience in the same background.

Our Network

We have also established our counterpart in india to strengthen our presence in the fast growing Asian market. With ready stock in asia we have fast delivery capabilities to the region.

JALAMRUT provides end to end solution to its customers that generally don’t require other add ones to improve the performance of our products.

Market & Application

JALAMRUT have large range of pulp & paper specialty chemicals products that can be used in variety of application in many industries.


Pulp Mill

Paper Machine

Tissue Machine

Cooking Aid
Pitch Control
Dry Strength Resin
Retention Aid
Fluff Control
Slime Control
Surface Sizing
Formation Aid
Wet strength Resin
Dry Strength Resin
Release Aid
Tissue Softener


Board Machine

ETP Prgoram

Deinking Agent
Bleaching Aid
DAF and Sludge Treatment Program
Surface Sizings
Retention Aids
Foam Control
Alum Replacement

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