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Paper Industry

The paper industry is one of the heaviest users of water, with water used in nearly every step of the manufacturing process. As water reuse and resource recovery become more important in the industry, Jalamrut’s advanced treatment technologies present viable solutions.

Pharmaceutical Industry

For the pharmaceutical industry, pure water is the heart of the manufacturing process. Jalamrut manufactures high-purity water generation plants like RO EDI, WFI, and distribution systems. The wastewaters generated in different processes in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals contain a wide variety of compounds. Jalamrut provides excellent solutions for the removal of these impurities and helps companies reuse and recycle by using the ZLD system.

Textile Industry

The textile industry is very water intensive. Water is used for cleaning the material and for many flushing steps during production. Jalamrut helps in wastewater treatment and management by providing all the primary, secondary and tertiary treatments required.

Food & Beverages

In the F&B industry, there are a variety of water treatment methods and techniques that are used. Not only does Jalamrut’s water treatment protect equipment and maintain a high-quality product, but it also prevents chemicals from contaminating freshwater systems.

Engineering Industry

Jalamrut helps provide the right wastewater treatment to the Engineering Industry by either reusing or ensuring safe disposal of the contaminated water.

Automobile Industry

For the automobile industry to continue operating with less environmental damage than it has been in the past, top-notch wastewater management is required. Jalamrut plays a major role in eliminating the pollutants and contaminants present in the water to an acceptable level before releasing it out in nature.

Chemical Industry

Wastewaters from the chemical industry often contain high concentrations of organic and inorganic compounds, and treating them is essential. Jalamrut provides treatment of wastewater for cost-effective, targeted removal of harmful substances.

Hospitality Industry

Wastewater generated from hospitals contains harmful matters like pharmaceutical residues, and chemical reagents, blood traces. Jalamrut not only provides the required wastewater treatment but also minimizes potential risks for local water bodies from wastewater drainage.


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