Ultra Filtration UF Plant Manufacturer in Mumbai India|Ultrafiltration water treatment plant

Ultra Filtration UF Plant Manufacturer in Mumbai India​

A Jalamrut ultrafiltration (UF) water system is an efficient means of removing solids and particulates from your water. This membrane-based technology removes all suspended particulates on a microscopic level. Utilizing a hollow fiber or sheet membrane, Jalamrut’s UF system mechanically filters water containing extremely small particulates, ensuring cleaner and safer water. 

Ultrafiltration Plants Manufacturer in Mumbai India
Ultrafiltration Plants Manufacturer in Mumbai India


Ultrafiltration technology, utilized in advanced drinking water systems, effectively filters particles down to 0.025 microns, removing all suspended solids at a micro level. Unlike reverse osmosis systems, ultrafiltration cannot eliminate dissolved particles, but it excels in filtering out the smallest particulates that conventional carbon filters and microfiltration systems miss. Widely adopted in industries and water treatment plants, ultrafiltration systems enhance the quality and safety of processed water, ensuring superior product value.


Ultrafiltration systems operate similarly to other water filtration methods. Using hydrostatic pressure, these systems force water through a semi-permeable membrane that retains suspended solids and high molecular weight solutes, while allowing water and low molecular weight solutes to pass. A sediment filter first captures larger particulates and a carbon filter is often added to eliminate suspended solids, bad taste, and odors.


Jalamrut’s key features:

– Simple to operate
– Easy to maintain
– Can be operated in automatic mode
– Compact in design
– Has adequate safety interlocks
– Used for pre-treatment to reverse osmosis
– Used for post-treatment to wastewater treatment plants
– Removes Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and helps in turbidity reduction


Chemical & Pharmaceutical:
– Purification
– Protect processes

– Purify process water
– Recycle/reuse water

Pre-Treatment to RO:
– Reduce fouling/scaling

River Water Clarification:
– Prepare for treatment

Filter Backwash Recovery:
– Reuse backwash water

Food & Beverage:
– Comply with standards

Wastewater Treatment:
– Removal of contaminants
– Prepare for discharge

Asked Questions

Ultrafiltration (UF) plants serve the primary purpose of purifying water by removing impurities and contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses, and dissolved substances, through a process known as membrane filtration. UF is frequently employed as a pretreatment step before reverse osmosis (RO) treatment, further enhancing the water purification process.

Ultrafiltration uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter water. The water is pressurized and forced through the membrane, which allows water molecules to pass through but retains larger impurities and contaminants. The purified water is collected on the downstream side, while the rejected impurities are flushed away. This process leverages the differences in size and structure between water and contaminants, producing high-quality, clean water without extensive chemical treatment and with relatively low energy consumption. It is a scalable technology suitable for various applications.

Water softener plants offer several advantages:

- Improved water quality by removing hard water minerals that can cause scaling, discoloration, and reduced soap/detergent effectiveness.
- Longer lifespan of appliances by preventing mineral buildup.
- Cost-effectiveness by reducing the need for repairs and replacements.
- Better lathering of soap due to the softened water.

The primary drawback of a water softener plant is the operational cost. The process necessitates using salt to regenerate the resin beads, which can be a significant expense. Furthermore, the system generates a substantial amount of brine waste, the disposal of which can also be costly.

Water softener plants find widespread application across various residential, commercial, and industrial settings, including:

- Homes: to enhance the quality of water for drinking and domestic use.
- Industries: to improve the efficacy of cleaning agents, mitigate scaling, and extend the lifespan of equipment.
- Power Plants: to prevent scaling in boilers and heat exchangers.
- Laboratories: to avert scaling in glassware and equipment.

The resin beads typically last for several years, depending on the level of use and water quality. However, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the longevity of the resin beads.

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